Hello, I'm Anna Iurchenko

I'm a User Experience Designer and visual thinker. I'm excited to work on products that can make an impact. I'm driven to illuminate the truth on what people truly need in order to create the best solutions possible. 

I’m currently working at Google, where together with amazing Healthcare AI team I am helping to craft products that improve healthcare.

In 2019 I joined Interaction Design Association (IxDA) as a local leader of San Francisco chapter and together with Daniela Busse we are now creating events for designers and researchers to facilitate sharing and learning. Apart from that I am mentoring UX Designers and sometimes speak at different design events in the US and Europe.


I have experience with different parts of the product creation cycle including:

  • Design research. Planning and conducting design research, organizing workshops with stakeholders to discuss research findings and synthesize solutions, validate design decisions through usability studies.

  • UX design. Defining product design concept, information architecture and creating wireframes. Making decisions around content, design, and product strategy that are informed by metrics and research.

  • Visual design. Designing pixel perfect user interface inspired by design research.

  • Product strategy. Planning and leading brainstorm sessions with stakeholders to create shared understanding of business and user needs, coordinate product strategy and prioritize product backlog based on business goals.

I am a contributor to several design blogs (UXmag.com, UXPlanet.org, UX Design.cc, Invisionapp Blog etc), a design mentor at the San Francisco-based accelerators Alchemist and The Refiners, a speaker at design conferences. 


My super power is sketchnoting and visual thinking. Sketchnoting serves me as a great tool for connecting my mind and creativity. I use visual thinking at my work meetings, when together the team and I brainstorm new ideas. I enjoy creating real time visual notes at the conferences and workshops.


If you want to get in touch or learn more about what I do, find me on social media (links in the footer) or send me an email to anna [dot] iurchenko [at] Gmail.

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